Tray Person Monitoring System (TPMS)

A fully customisable tray and person monitoring solution for the security checkpoint. Enabling ground-breaking security process analysis and validation.

What is TPMS?

TPMS is an inline, camera based solution that monitors people, trays and actions around the security checkpoint.

This includes the tracking of all persons and detection of all security related actions  around the security checkpoint. This information can be used for information, real time decision making or future planning. All data is available, via the inbuilt Open Architecture (OA) compliant API, for communication with other systems.

Key Benefits

Improved efficiency

Utilise AI based data insights to dynamically react to live events, improve lane throughput and the passenger experience.

Increased zero-trust security

Identify events and deviations from policy that are difficult to detect by human but could have significant security implications.

Self-screening enabler

Incorporate TPMS’s proven capabilities to enable real-time action validation and dynamic feeback  to passengers directly.

The next generation security checkpoint

TPMS brings full transparency to the airport security checkpoint, allowing detailed validation of security process compliance.


Prevent Breaches

TPMS produces alerts in real time of potential deviations from defined security processes which enables immediate resolution.

Complete Understanding

Processes may be poorly understood or adhered to. TPMS can pinpoint these areas  allowing adaption or mitigation.

Demonstrate Compliance

Provides detailed operational security process & policy compliance data 24/7, allowing demonstration of abidance.

Detect Insider Threat

Identifying deviations from policy and processes allows the identification of potential insider threats, in real time.

TPMS Process

System is modular - All functions are optional

Camera Based AI

Data Capture

TPMS generates a significant amount of data including recording all significant checkpoint activities. This includes wait times, cycle times and tray/passenger population density.


Person Capture

Persons can either be tracked non-biometrically (e.g. clothing) or biometrically (e.g. facial features), upon entry to the security hall. Typically this is achieved by linking to travel document information.


Person Tracking

Persons are re-identified in strategic positions based upon biometric or non-biometric features.


Lane Arrival Detected

On approach to the lane persons are recognised utilising the loading area camera and continue to be tracked throughout the checkpoint.


Tray Interactions Detected

Trays detected and continuously monitored by TPMS. Any passenger-tray interactions are recognised, recorded and passengers are associated to tray(s).


Tray Monitoring

TPMS monitors each tray or item pre-scan. The system detects its geometry.  any overhanging items (trays) and the type of objects present.


Smart Screening

Passenger / travel information can be utilised for risk-based screening and/or determining unusual baggage.


Person Screening Validation

TPMS validates that person screening is successfully completed and that any further screening tasks  are also completed in line with policy.


Ownership Information

Tray ownership information and interactions are displayed on a screen to enable staff members to identify tray owners quickly.


Tray Screening Validation

TPMS validates that tray inspection is completed and that any further screening tasks are also completed in line with policy.


Theft Alerts​

If a different passenger picks up items from a tray an alert can be issued. This is enhanced by group detection.​

Self-Screening Enabler

The TPMS capabilities are a perfect fit for self screening processes, enabling real-time monitoring, understanding, response and validation of passenger actions.


TPMS utilises new or existing cameras, positioned around the security checkpoint, plus a TPMS server,  which can be local (on-prem) or cloud-based.

No other lane modifications are required. The system can integrate with almost any security lane configuration and most major commercial CCTV systems.

NexuSec Re-identification

TPMS utilises cutting edge NexuSec non-biometric re-identification and clothing analysis algorithms. Allowing persons to be tracked across the checkpoint.

Key Functions


Allows tracking of persons across checkpoint cameras.


Resilient to clothing modifications that occur at the checkpoint.


Detects clothing/object removal actions for validation or further analysis.

Tray Hygiene / Loading Verification

THMM is a module which determines the contents of trays and the presence of any items outside of trays. The analytics within the system are based on computer vision and/or artificial intelligence.

Calculates the geometry of all objects in a specific area.


Detects items that fall out of trays.


Identifies trays and determines their geometry.


Identifies specific objects within trays.


Detects if staff/passengers are interacting with a tray.


Empty Tray Detection Module

The ETDM identifies empty trays and also verifies the geometry of  trays. In addition, ETDM analyses the surrounding area including the reclaimer.



That a try is empty on the final roller position.


That a tray is orientated correctly on the final roller position.


That a try is empty on the tray reclaimer itself.


The number of stacked trays on the final roller position.


The height of the tray stack within the reclaimer.


That stacked trays in the final roller position are stacked correctly.


That the trays in the reclaimer are sitting correctly.


For an obstruction within the reclaimer.

Enhance Your Security Operations with TPMS

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